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“The primary purpose of prayer is not to make requests. The primary purpose is to praise, to sing, to chant.  Because the essence of prayer is a song, and [human beings] cannot live without a song.

Worship is more than paying homage.  To worship is to join the cosmos in praising God.  The whole cosmos, every living being sings, the psalmists insist.  Neither joy nor sorrow but song is the ground plan of being.  It is the quintessence of life.  To praise is to call forth the promise and presence of the divine.  We live for the sake of a song.  We praise for the privilege of being.”

        – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: Essays, “On Prayer”

At Temple Beth Orr, we strive to emulate the joy of worship that Rabbi Heschel so beautifully describes.  We recognize that our congregation is rich and diverse, and we want to create opportunities for worship in which everyone, no matter their backgrounds, can connect to their spirituality.

Everyone is always welcome to join us at any of our opportunities for worship, which are always conducted in a mix of English and Hebrew:

  • Weekly Kabbalat Shabbat services on Friday evenings at 6:30pm, except the 4th Friday when Shabbat service is at 7:30
  • Shabbat services on Saturday mornings at 10am when there is a B’nai Mitzvah.
  • Festival and holiday observances
  • Tot Shabbat services (aimed at ages 0-5)

We look forward to meeting you. We know that at Temple Beth Orr, you too can find your spiritual home.

Thu, October 6 2022 11 Tishrei 5783